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Tony Grinder & PROTESTER-
All-star revolutionists using music to mobilize the masses

Tony Grinder & PROTESTER,
A brand new all-star electro-rock band led by vocalist and self-proclaimed revolutionist Tony Grinder, publicly denounces the hypocrisy of government and human rights violations through a musical message to incite a new revolution through music, videos and live events. In this era of advancing public discontent, this shock-rock act and their revolving-door collective of famous band members at different times such as Matthew Setzer of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, Adrian Ost and Jordan Cohen from POWERMAN 5000 & BLUE MAN GROUP; with additional guests from ZOMBIE,  MINISTRY, STATIC X and more… is inspiring community and religious protests on one side, and an anarchist revolt on the other. This band of famous like-minded special guest members make even the most sociopathic music groups look tame.

Grinder has stated- “I show people that the evil we blame atrocities on is really just our own elite, who rape the world for corporate gain, use lies of GOD to justify it, and the tools of militarized police to enforce it”.

Grinders’ mix of subversive lyrics, defiance of authority and disturbing imagery in the new music videos just released I’m Afraid of Americans and World Police has enormous appeal to young people around the world, especially during this time of publicized police brutality. Adversely, Christian and right-wing political advocates object to the makeup-smeared frontmans’ lyrical message which seems to speak to the people who understand it and scare the people who don’t. Tony Grinder & PROTESTER is creating a musical ritual to raise a public voice and bring about the demise of the current police state, religious and governmental mindsets. Also a live event producer, Grinder’s APOCALYPSE WORLD Festivals are taking place worldwide in 2015, which some say have sacrilegious overtones by glorifying apocalyptic imagery and drenching patrons in red fluid simulating ancient pagan blood rituals.

Tony Grinder & PROTESTER urges public awareness at all live shows and to support of the “Zeitgeist” and “Occupy” movements currently growing worldwide, and fanning-the-fire for a class revolution during this time of extreme civil unrest due to militarized police.
“Grinder has as a serious point to make about the world we live in, and the musics’ overwhelming approach may be an attempt to break through the noise of a society asleep at the wheel of history.” iTunes CD review – by Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., All Music Guide.

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