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PROTESTER was formed in 2012 by vocalist TONY GRINDER with the intention of this heavy, Industrial/ electronic/ rock hybrid band partially for the purpose of raising awareness and public consciousness of the state of worlds’ current social, economic, and deteriorating decline, with a mission of optimistic change…right down to the obvious band name, purposely chosen to encourage fans to research and become educated to the growing movement!

Grinder began exploring several like-minded musicians with a desire to make a difference with their musical prowess.

Drummer JORDAN COHEN, formerly of Powerman 5000, and MATTHEW SETZER of Skinny Puppy, form the core of this “all-star” collective with different guest players at each show, for an incredible unit rarely done previously in this way.

Don’t be surprised if at a PROTESTER show, you see the occasional walk-on guest appearance by various superstar musicians that have expressed interest to join us on our mission- THE PROTEST IS NOW…AND PROTESTER IS US!

The protest is against a world run by banking and corporate interests, taking over everything with the value system of greed, division and disregard. We are inching more-so each year to the “market” mindset which puts everything for sale and holds nothing sacred, brings this kind of world monopoly into play faster than ever.